Studio Tour

Studio Tour - Setup for Face Casting

Studio FX 101 labs setup for Face Casting. Just what is needed to practice for SyFy Face Off.
SyFy Face Off, Faceoff, face casting, AlgaSafe, Smooth-on, Alginate
Duck to the rescue - polyfoam mask

Studio Tour - Print Lab

Need wide format print, color laser prints, or Laser cutting, use our print lab at competitive rates.
Laser cutter and wide format plotter
High speed laser printer and wide format plotter
Thinking about my architecture model designs

Studio Tour - Retail

Get all your art, architecture, mold making, casting, candle making supplies right on sight.
Makeup and Architecture supplies
Paper and other drawing supplies for Architects and artists
Smooth-on, Silicon, Dragon Skin
Spirit Gum,Remover, Merhon, Makeup, Special Effects

Studio Tour - Molding, Building, Design space

Pick a table and camp out all day or just a couple of hours. Create your designs, build your model, create your molds, and cast your final products.
Studio workspace - 45 work spaces available
Face Casting, Mold Making, Craft, Architecture, Special Effects

Studio Tour - Restrooms

Studio restrooms - change into your Art, model building, crafting clothing. Cleanup after your messy projects...
Mens Restroom - Studio Art Designer needed
Ladies Restroom - Studio Art Designer needed

Studio Tour - Lockers

Studio Lockers and coat rack to protect your good clothing while you work on your messy projects.
Lockers and Coat Rack while you create molds

Studio Tour - Lounge

Lounge for all members to relax, watch a little TV, or even work on your computer and chat. Bring your own lunch and keep it fresh until you zap it in our Microwave.
Kitchen and TV Lounge