Project Images

Project - Up In the Aether Steampunk Buttons

A small project we did for the Up In the Aether Steampunk Conference... we used them for button closures on our outfits.
Steampunk buttons, Clockworks, Gears, laser cut, etching
small button closure gear buttons for steam punk convention
coper, gold, silver, steampunk gear, button closures

Project - Warrior Creature

New Warrior Creature monster needs a name. Suggest a name during the month of May. If your name is selected, we'll give you $20.00 off your next purchase.
Halloween Mask creature sculpted during monster workshop
Dark view of halloween creature mask

Project - Vampire Silicon Prosthetic Appliance and Makeup

View images from our weekly creature workshop where we created the vampire silicon appliance, applied it to our actor for a full makeup and costume photo shoot. Some say she is a demon... Others say a vampire. What do you think?


Vampire Makeup application during weekly creature workshop
clay model of Vampire Creature sculpted at Studio FX 101
Vampire on the lookout for her next victim
Vampire closeup makeup and silicon appliance
Blood Sucking vampire at Studio FX 101
Silicon appliance Facial Movement
Mehron Makeup application
Makeup application of Mehron makeups over silicon appliance
Vampire makeup in forest at Studio FX 101
Red Eyes, vampire makeup, Studio FX 101 Weekly Workshop
Vampire Evil Eye at Monster Workshop
face casting studio fx 101 silicon mold
Deamon or Vampire Creature made from silicon and mehron makeup.

Project - Eddie the Dragon - Studio FX 101 Mascot

Eddie the Dragon - Studio FX 101 Mascot - Creature creation using Clay, mold making techniques, and casting in plaster, wax, and plastics.
Clay dragon - Eddie - Studio FX 101 Mascot
clay sculpting of Eddie the Dragon - Studio FX 101 Mascot
Eddie the dragon poses for his first portrat
Dragon Skin Mold of Eddie Studio FX Mascot - First Layer
Second layer of Smooth-on Dragon skin applied as inner mold
Making eddie the dragon mother mold
Demolding eddie the dragon
Now that Eddie the Dragon is finished he can dream of flying
Clay model headless Eddie the dragon Studio FX Mascot
Eddie the dragon views himself as a line drawing
Eddie poses on a rock at Studio FX 101
Alternate view of mold making process with Smooth-On
Thickened dragon skin silicon mold to eliminate undercuts
Prepping Eddie the dragon mold for casting in plaster
Completed Studio FX 101 Mascot - Eddie the Dragon
Eddie meets Eddie at Studio FX 101

Project - Making the Chi Omega Rho Candle Mold

Making the Chi Omega Rho Candle Mold using laser cut wood and Smooth-on Silicon.
Chi Omega Rho Letters
Laser cut, Paper, Chi Omega Rho
Chi Omega Rho, Sorority, Candle,Laser Cut
Wax,Smooth-On, Silicon, demold,crystal palm
Chi Omega Rho, 2d Model
Laser Cut, Balsa
Mother Mold, Foam Core, Silicon
Demold,Remove Mold, Mother, Silicon, Smooth-on

Project - Angel Mold

Below are images captured while a holiday angel mold was being created at Studio FX 101. The mold can be used to cast plaster,foam,wax, plastic and other materials. It is available for rental in our shop to cast in your favorite medium. Want to create your own molds, join us at Studio FX 101 in Troy Michigan to use our facilities to envision and implement your designs.

Clay Model,angel
Candle Angle, custom mold
Smooth-on,mold making,wax,plaster,plastic,clay
Silicon Mold, Angle, Craft, Art

Project - Duck hero - "Is this Dark Wing Duck?"

Clay model of a famous duck hero, plaster mother mold, and Silicon Mold used to cast in Smooth-On Polyurethane Foam.
Clay Model of a darkwing duck copycat
Polyurethane foam casting of Darkwing duck mask
Foam casting of Darkwing duck
Duck,Mask,Cos Play

Project - Custom Bane breathing Mask

Latest Batman - Bane's re-breather mask done in clay for a custom fit Studio FX 101 lab user.
Clay model of Bane's breathing mask
Bane Mask with accessories
Batman Blane re-breather