Prosthetics 201 - Class One - Facial Casting - Prosthetics 01 Class One Facial Casting

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Class Date: 

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 9:00am to 5:00pm


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In this class you’ll work in teams of three to make a casting of your face.  Each student will take turns being the model and creating the mold.

Two techniques are taught (Alga-Safe and Body Double). At the end of the class you will have a copy of your head similar to those found on SyFy channel’s Face Off.

Teams are formed at the beginning of the class. You’ll need to trust your team member as your life mold is in their hands. So you may want to bring a friend or two to get the best results.

If you tend to be claustrophobic, or allergic to products you may talk to one of the other class members to get a copy of their face. Or, book the class with a 201PARTNER discount (see below).

Got a beard? You may want to trim it to get a smooth casting of your chin.  If you don’t care about a smooth chin, we can still cast it and you won’t have to worry about loosing too many hairs. Or, we can use Smooth-On's Body Double with an aditive to get below your beard to cast your face.

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You will Receive: 

Face Casting Kit:
  • Smooth-On Alja-Safe Alginate - 3 lb. Unit
  • 15-30 lb Plaster and separation handle
  • 2 rolls of 4 inch x 5 yard plaster tape
  • Mixing and other supplies
  • (cups/stir sticks/drop-cloths/paper towels/release agents/cleaning supplies/plastic apron/cream rinse)


  • Lunch provided for all participants.


Although this is a 200 level class, there are no specific course Prerequisites. We rate it at a 200 level as this class requires learning advanced techniques and will require detailed attention to ensure success with your facial casting.


Interested in bringing a partner and don't want to create a face for more than one person? Book you and your partner at the same time and enter coupon 201PARTNER at the checkout to receive $125.00 off the total cost of one of the bookings.

Bring a friend that wants to cast their own face and save 25% thats $50.00 per person. Use Coupon Code FACEOFF at the checkout.

Price: $198.00