Laser Cutting 101

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Class Date: 

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


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Laser Cutting & Etching 101

Are you an artist looking for a new medium? How about an architect who builds models by hand? Or, you just want to make some special presents for friends and family. Laser cutting and engraving is just what you are looking for.

As an artist, you can create digital works of art and transfer them to wood, plastic, glass. You can cut special shapes for your sculptures. Or you can even create molds to produce your art work over and over again.

As an architect, you can turn your 3D digital models in to physical basswood models. Cut your foam core to represent your visions. Even make portfolio binders to show off your work.

If you want to make gifts, you can personalize jewelry, clothing, and glassware. You can even engrave that special picture of your family into glass, wood, and other products for a permanent memory.

Learn the basics of laser cutting to achieve your visions in our one hour class. You’ll learn about selecting materials, preparing your files, and configuring the laser to create your master piece.

You’ll help manipulate a demonstration file using images from Studio FX 101, watch the file being cut and engraved. You’ll receive the engraving and 20 minutes of time to create your own works.

Price: $37.50