Class Images

Class - Lifecasting Face Mold Making Workshop

Pictures from April 2013 Lifecasting / Face Casting class where we use Smooth-on Alga-Safe alginate to make a facial mold and a plaster casting of students.
Release agent,Alga-Safe,Smooth-on,Lifecasting,face casting
Lifecasting,Plaster Strips,Face Casting
Alga-Safe,lifecast,face casting
life cast,face,smooth-on
Plaster strips,face casting,mold,facial
Life casting,face,plaster model
Mixing the Alga-Safe for face casting class
Lifecast,face casting,smooth-on,Alga-safe
Face Casting,life,alga-safe,mold
Lifecast,workshop,Plaster Strips,mothermold,mold
Professionals after taking the 201 lifecast face mold making class
Removing alga-safe and mother mold from student

Class - Weekly Workshop - Creature Making

Weekly Creature Workshop images designing, sculpting, mold making, casting, assembly... you name it we do it.
sculpting clay into a halloween mask
Team designs are the most fun whenn making monster Masks
Mask making through clay model design
Imagination sculpts a new creature design
Talking through texture designs for new monster prosthetic appliance

Class - Chi Omega Rho Private Party

Chi Omega Rho Candle Making private Candle Painting Party
Chi Omega Rho, Greek Life, Candle Making
Heart Candle, Painted, Glittered
Chi Omega Rho, Candlem Glittered
Lady Bug, Heart Candle
Bottle Candle, Flower
Greek Life, Sorority Sisters
Heart Candle
Glitter, Candle, Glue
Cat Candle
Cat Candle, Painting
Painted Vase Candle,Glittered
BFF, Best Friends Forever, Chi Omega Rho, Candle Painting, Private Party
Love Chi Omega Rho, Greek Life
Heart Candle
Cat Candle, Orange, Purple Glitter Collar
Private Candle Party
Rainbow Candle, Heart
Photo Shoot, Candles, Sorority Sister Party

Class - Girl Scout Private Party - Candle Making

Girl Scout candle making private party images including taper, painting, and poured candles.
Candle dipping,taper,girl scouts
Candle dipping,tapered candles,hand crafted,craft
candle dipping,tapered candles,girl scout,private party
painting candles,decorating,class,private party
painted candles,package,present,snowman,glitter
painting candles,decorating,class,private party
Girl Scout,Private Candle-making,party,class
Candle making,class,course

Class - Candle Making Holiday class

Here are some images from our latest holiday candle making class. Candles made by students include dipped taper candles, painted premolded snowmen and christmas packages, and molded candles. Join us any day of the week to make your own candles or join a specific class so you learn the details. Candle making equipment available at low hourly and daily rates.

Snowman, apple,candle,making,painting
candle making,student,ornament,christma candles
Christmas bells,crystal palm wax,candle mold
presents,ornament,jar,candle,custom designs
Class,students,candle making,course
Christmas presents,painted candles,custom molds

Class - Face Casting - Face Off Model

In preparation for Face Off Practice, Artist participates in face casting class. At the end of the class, he received a plaster copy of his face...
Release Agent, alga-safe, alginate
Release Agent, Alga-Safe, Face Casting Preparation
Plaster tape, Mother Mold, facecasting, live casting
face Casting, face mold, face off, FaceOff, SyFy
Pour Alga-Safe, Smooth-On, Face, FaceOff Prep
SyFy Face Off Model, Plaster Model, Cleaning Casting

Halloween Candle Making Class

Image of students at the Halloween Candle making class having fun making ghouls and goblins.
Candle Dipping to make tapers
Candle carving to make specialized designs
Smooth-on mold making to create that custom candle design
Student Ghost - carved and painted
Skull Candle in paraffin wax
Pumpkin jar, Ghost, Cat, and taper candle

Class - Private Facial Casting Session

Private face casting session. We used Alga-Safe as an inner mold and plaster strips as the mother mold. Final casting in Plaster.
release agent, face off, makeup,casting,mold
Smooth-on Alga-Safe,algenate,plaster,special fx,face off
mold,plaster strip,alga-safe,casting
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