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serger,sewing machine,rental,craft,art,costume,blankets Serger Sewing Machine - Now Available
Serger Sewing Machine for rapid hemming blind hemming, and those special stitches that will make your costumes and crafts shine.
wax melter,candle making,craft,rental,crystal palm,paraffin,beeswax,bees Equipment - Wax Melter
Rent our wax melter and create your own candles. Walk-ins welcome.
Induction wax melter,candle making,crystal palm,paraffin,bees wax,craft,candlemaker Equipment - Induction Wax Melter
Induction cooker used to melt wax and keep it at a controlled temperature for dipping tapered candles and filling molds.
Laser Cutter - Now Available
Engrave your designs into wood, metal, glass, cloth. You name it and you can engrave it. Cut wood, cloth, cardboard, foam and other soft items (cutting depth varies by product). $1.00 a minute for ready to cut CAD files and images.
vacuum chamber,de-gas,plastic,mold,mold making,silicon Equipment - Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Chamber needed to de-gas two part polymers eliminates/minimizes bubbles in final molds and castings.
24x48,18 inch draw,Vacuum forming,shrink form,props,molds,craft Equipment - Vacuum Form
Vacuum Form / Shrink Mold equipment available for per use rental.