Welcome to Studio and FX Lab

Studio FX 101 Vision:Candle making private party - Students making Taper Candles

Create an amazing design in this studio for Architects, Designers, Artists, Mold Makers, Crafters and Special Effects Artists; A studio where you'll find the supplies, tools, services, and the inspirations to create your artistic visions.

Your Design Studio:

Working together in our face casting class

You work with other artists in our clean studio; work with others in the workshop and bounce ideas off our staff and other artists. When you complete your works, put them on display in our shop, or on our website to share with the world. We'll even help you with marketing and sales.

Classes:Architecture Model Design and Build

We hold regular classes on various artistic processes and supplies including mold making, candle making, special effects, and other crafts. If your an expert in your field, you can share your craft with others (we supply the space and the marketing, you supply the teaching and receive a portion of the class).

Web Site:

Arts & Crafts, Architecture, Mold Making, and laser etching  Supplies

Purchase Supplies, find job postings for Art and Architecture, find out about the studio, read about our course schedule, sign up for classes, and share your thoughts, designs, and inspirations.

Focused on You:Candle making Student with her own design

Here you'll find the tools, supplies, and even special equipment to help you build that vision. Again... need it for your project? Just ask and we'll add it to the studio.

We are here to serve you!